Groupware with SOGo

Collaborating with others has never been so simple. Mail, calendar, contacts and tasks in one environment. On your PC, on your phone or tablet and from any location with an Internet browser. Groupware at its best.
Groupware with SOGo

By default the 1A-server includes a complete groupware solution based on SOGo. Mail, calendars, contacts and tasks can be accessed from the web interface, with the open source client Thunderbird or with any device that supports ActiveSync, such as mobile phones and tablets. For this complete groupware solution you pay nothing extra, because SOGo is 100% open source.

Sogo is fully integrated with the 1A-server. You can manage users and email addresses easily in the 1A-manager.


Of course we made some manuals available to ensure that your experience with SOGo is as enjoyable and effective as possible. The following manuals are available:


Mozilla’s Thunderbird (known for the Firefox Web browser) aims to be a fast, functional and powerful program, without an excess of bells and whistles. This open source client is available for free for Windows, Linux and Mac and is available in 52 different languages, including Dutch.

Thunderbird is very flexible in that it can be expanded with extensions. Since version 38 Thunderbird comes with the Lightning extension, which adds calendar functionality, pre-installed. With the extensions SOGo Integrator and SOGo Connector added, Thunderbird transforms into a full-blown groupware client.

SOGo groupware Thunderbird

Outlook support

Since Outlook 2013 the mobile sync protocol ActiveSync is supported, which makes it possible to connect modern Outlook clients with SOGo. But advanced features like sharing mailboxes and the availability assistant do not work, because it is not supported in ActiveSync.

SOGO is working with the OpenChange project to add support for Outlook. Unfortunately we have had to conclude that this project still has too many snags to take into production safely. We have therefore chosen to not add OpenChange.


SOGo is very fast and requires little power of the 1A-server. A single SOGo server can easily handle thousands of users. Any piece of information can be accessed via the open standard DAV. This offers excellent integration capabilities.

Any device with ActiveSync support can synchronize e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks with ease. Also, Apple extensions such as calendar colors, calendar sharing and the like are well supported.

SOGo on the 1A-server is connected to MariaDB (SQL), OpenLDAP, the Cyrus mail server and the Postfix SMTP gateway.

SOGo groupware backend