Extensive maintenance to your ICT environment

Groot onderhoud aan uw ICT-omgeving

Most likely, you have come to this information page because you are a customer of a 1A-partner, make use of 1A-services and have received a message that your ICT environment will receive extensive maintenance soon. This page is intended to inform you about the importance of this change.

In order to keep our services cutting-edge and future-proof, we are currently undertaking a large-scale modernization program. All 1A-servers will get a free upgrade that completely replaces the base layer of the software.

Extensive maintenance – 1A-server becomes 1A-platform

With the 1A-platform, we can easily offer our solution in the cloud as well. Every SME company has its own unique identity and therefore specific wishes and requirements. For example, consider the availability of a good internet connection. The 1A-platform is available in three flavors: on-premise, cloud and hybrid. These different arrangements make use of the same components, but set up in a slightly different way. That way, one solution fits all.

During the maintenance, the current operating system of your 1A-server is completely replaced by Debian. This is a Linux variant as well, but has a very different approach. Where Slackware stands out in simplicity, Debian focuses on easily rolling out new software with an extremely high degree of quality control.

What changes for you?

For the moment not much. Most of the changes are in the base layer, which has no noticeable impact on the end user. Management is still done with the 1A-manager, which still looks exactly the same.

The only major change you will notice with this upgrade is that Zarafa is replaced with Kopano. This software is based on Zarafa, but has a different approach. It continues where traditional groupware stops and provides a sharing and communication environment, regardless of the device being used.

Why are we doing this?

This change shifts our focus from low-level Linux development to integration of various services. This allows us to pay even more attention to ease and flexibility. By using Debian’s checks and procedures, we can deliver outstanding quality even more than before.

Debian also has a much larger community than Slackware and has much more ready-to-use packages. This will make it much easier for us to provide support and we can add new features much faster.

By making this change, we can adapt much faster and increase our level of quality. In short, 1A becomes more future-proof.

If you have any questions, please contact your 1A-partner.