WARNING – illicit emails are circulating

E-mails have been sent in our name with subjects such as “Herinnering: factuur 201802F0245” and “Aanmaning: 201801F0314”. These e-mails contain a PDF with a link to a virus. Therefore, do not open the attachment!


Variant 1:

Sender: administratie@1afa-ict.com
Subject: Herinnering: factuur 201802F0245
Attachment: Factuur 201802F0245.pdf

Variant 2:

Sender: administratie@1afa-ict.com
Subject: Aanmaning: 201801F0314
Attachment: Factuur 201801F0314.pdf


We kindly request you to delete these e-mails.

We are taking measures to prevent further spreading.

The 1A team

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